Sharonkays411 Show Podcast

The Making of a Democratic Economy

August 15, 2019

This show aired live on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 4pm (cdt).  I started the hour with Community News from the FBI's Memphis Division to discuss on a new public awareness campaign against hoax/threats.  Elizabeth Clement Webb, Public Information Director shared information on what the FBI is doing to address the growing problem of people making hoax threats, how the threats are communicated, what a student, parent, family member, teacher, or school administrator should do if they find out about a threat being made to their school or other public place and the dangers for the public and/or law enforcement.  Find out more about the #ThinkBeforeYouPost on their website.  

The book for this hour is The Making of a Democratic Economy: Building Prosperity for the Many, Not Just the Few, by Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard, both of the Democracy Collaborative.  We had a great discussion with Marjorie, he executive Vice President and Senior Fellow of the Democracy Collaborative.  We also touched how America's economy was built on the backs of slaves.  This was a great discussion.