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The 411 Show’s Wednesday Afternoon Drive Edition - 8-5 -20 Hr. 2 - Howard J. Ross was the Guest

August 10, 2020

This show was recorded from a live broadcast our my show on WFSK radio Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 5:00 pm  (cdt)  Thank you to our Nashville-based noon-profit advocacy group Equity Alliance for giving the News From the Community segment.  They proactively advocates for African Americans and other communities of color to have a fair and just opportunity at realizing the American dream.  Equity Alliance was recently asked by the Mayors Office to coordinate a survey to re-distribute Cares Act funds to those who need it at the grassroots level.

Long-time diversity and inclusion trainer and author Howard J. Ross was back to discuss his updated book Everyday Bias.  As always he was excellent and understood the topic very, very well.  


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