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Pastor’s Roundtable for August 2020 - 8-16-20 - 7:00 am (cst)

August 23, 2020

This is episode is the 8'clock hour of the Pastor's Roundtable for the month of August taken from a live broadcast on WFSK radio at Fisk University in Nashville.  Guest pastors are: Rev. Edward Hill, JR of Holy Ground Missionary Baptist Church and Rev. David G. Lattimore of 15th Avenue Baptist Church.  

Among the topics discussed are: racial and ethnic difference between the two-sides of Nashville these churches are in Rev. Hill's in in South Nashville and Rev. Lattimore is in North Nashville both have African American neighborhoods and businesses.   

This was interesting in the discussion around demographics, historical perspective on the areas as they relate to gentrification, the double crisis we dealt with and are still dealing with i.e. deadly tornado, the pandemic, watching God work through all of that and much we have to be thankful for.  

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