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How To Survive a Pandemic with Dr. Michael Greger -8-26-20 - 4pm (cdt)

August 31, 2020

This episode is recorded from a live broadcast of my show on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 in the studios of WFSK radio, Nashville.  The discussion was on the book How to Survive a Pandemic by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. His vital, timely text is on the viruses that cause pandemics and how to face them.  He discussed How did these diseases come about, what―if anything―can we do to stop them and their fatal march into our countries, our homes, and our bodies and much more.

Dr. Greger is a founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and  New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die.  This was an informative conversation with topic which also covered COVID-19 and current research.  

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