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Artist of the Week - Matthew Whitaker - 8-27-20

August 31, 2020

This episode is from a WFSK weekly feature called "Artist of the Week.  It aired on WFSK JAZZY 88 Thursday,  August 27, 2020 at 12:30 pm (cst).  It was pure joy to chat with pianist, organist, composer, drummer and arranger Matthew Whitaker.  Blind since the age of 11 his gifting has been requested for performances around the world.  Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles would be delighted to work with him.  

Only 19, he's played piano since he was 3 and thrilled everyone who heard him and amazed his parents and all who marveled at his talent its no wonder Matthew is referred to as a prodigy.  Among so much we talked about was his latest album called "Now Hear This".  

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